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Real estate services that you must provide to stand out in the market

The real estate services you offer make you stand out in the market. Nowadays, and in the face of so much competition, you need to implement what sellers, buyers and tenants require. By providing what they really want, you manage to position yourself in their minds and make them remember you. To achieve this, you should pay attention to what they want rather than what you offer. So that you can stand out in the market, we tell you what services clients expect from real estate agencies. We also show you what technological tools you can use to position yourself before them

Our Vision

We are a company focused on the administration of leasing contracts, both our own and those of third parties. Since 2007, we have worked with ownership, providing the best support from start to finish. We are part of the Professional Group companies; in this way, we support each other to grow more every day and provide you with the best service.

Administrative and personalized follow-up

One of the real estate agency's activities is to provide personalized support to each individual wishing to market their property thanks to the expertise of its real estate agents. Indeed, real estate experts support you throughout the different transactions and stages of the sales process. They provide you with professional advice in order to conclude the sale as quickly and efficiently as possible, without disputes.

Trends in the residential repair and remodel sector

It includes home equity line of credit issuance, resale sales volumes, residential remodeler employment, and home improvement retail spending.

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Dissemination of the real estate

A real estate agency can also allow you to showcase your property by taking professional photos, carrying out a 3D visit or even "home staging" via professionals. As an individual wishing to sell alone, the reach of your ad will be limited. And this is even if you decide to market your property on the various private sales websites.

A real estate agency and its real estate agents

First of all, selling real estate is a complex, expensive and, above all, time-consuming process. This requires true professionalism to ensure the smooth running of all tasks. Although it is possible to sell your property without the help of an agency, it is nevertheless recommended to be accompanied and advised by a real estate expert. The role of the real estate agency is to lead negotiations with the various buyers interested in your property. The real estate agency also serves to check the solvency and motivation of potential buyers, particularly during visits. This helps prevent the sale from failing due to a lack of financing. The real estate agency estimates the sale price of your property and then provides you with personalized monitoring throughout your project. Then, the real estate agency publishes the advertisement for your property and finally takes care of the negotiations.

Estimation of the sale price by the real estate agency experts

The role of the real estate agency is initially to estimate the sale price... which cannot be improvised. The real estate agent is an expert in local supply and demand; he is able to compare your property with similar properties already sold.

Today, many sites, such as Hosman and MeilleursAgents, allow individuals to estimate their real estate for free online. However, not all online real estate agency estimators offer the same estimation criteria—the number and quality of parameters used to make the estimate determine its precision and accuracy. In fact, although they allow you to get an overall idea, the estimates made online often need to be completed due to a lack of information to set the selling price. You must double your online estimate, which gives you a first idea, with a physical estimate because your property is unique, and nothing will replace the eye of an expert from a real estate agency.

Use of Real Estate Data

The construction of Real Estate Data is one of the main needs of the Real Estate sector; the lack of formal information sources results in price speculation, limiting easy access to housing and stagnation in the country's real estate culture.

Faced with this reality, without knowledge of the indicators, market prices for both sale and rent, growth areas, existing demand, consumer preferences, citizen needs in terms of spaces, distribution, equipment, are among other aspects; the purpose of the technological and commercial alliances between MLS ACBIR and TOKKO BROKER. This shared vision represents the commitment of the two institutions to contribute to the sustainable development of cities and the community in general.

On the one hand, MLS ACBIR provides, with the group of accredited professionals who share the same service standards, a portfolio of properties that meet the legal and formal requirements, in addition to support in the accreditation and formalization of the activity in accordance with current Ecuadorian regulations. ; On the other hand, Tokko Broker adds the technological contingent to facilitate communication, service, and data processing to convert it into figures and real estate statistics.

This alliance also seeks to articulate a commercial muscle with a presence in the majority of cities in Ecuador, which allows globalization and improving market opportunities.

Our Story

About Us

Our Story

To get started in real estate, before focusing on how a real estate agency works, it seems wise to define what a real estate agency is. Thus, real estate agencies have the role of connecting buyers and sellers in the real estate sector. The real estate agent, therefore, serves as an intermediary between people who wish to buy or rent accommodation and those who sell or rent it. Beyond this simple connection, real estate agents must provide their expertise. They are, therefore, required to follow legal developments in the sector, to draft sales deeds or to manage all administrative tasks linked to transactions. A real estate agency operates with an agency director and a team of real estate negotiators or sales agents, who a sales assistant and reception manager sometimes support.


The real estate negotiator plays the role of intermediary between people who wish to sell a property and those who wish to buy housing. He is present at all stages of the transaction, from the search for properties to the drafting of the sales agreement. 80% of the time of real estate negotiators is devoted to prospecting, that is to say, the search for goods for sale or rent. They work for this in the field or from their office by doing freelance work. Once the goods have been found, the negotiators must evaluate the price of the goods and negotiate with the owners the sale price of the accommodation as close as possible to the estimate they have made. If they agree, they then take out a sales mandate, which allows them to act on behalf of their client. Once the mandate is signed, negotiators must promote the property and find a buyer before finalizing the sale. Negotiators can be employees of the agency in which they work. They have fixed remuneration or remuneration composed of a fixed and a variable. The real estate negotiator can also have the status of a commercial agent. He then earns a commission on the sales.

Our Mission

The real estate agent manager of the agency must ensure the commercial management and management of his agency. Its missions are multiple. He must, like his teams, search for real estate to put on the market, evaluate the price of the property, and ensure its sale and rental. But above all, he focuses on managing and managing his sales team. The director of a real estate agency must have commercial, technical, legal and financial skills.