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The valuation of a property is the first service offered by agencies during a real estate sale. An operation that is often free and without obligation is the starting point of your relations with the structure. Estimating the price of a house or apartment for sale involves assessing its real value. A real estate agent has the knowledge and expertise required to evaluate the property at its fair value. It starts from the characteristics of the property, its current condition, its location and its location. In addition, the valuation of a property for sale is a process that takes place in 3 stages.

Analysis of the local market

This is a document that provides, in detail and precision, with supporting arguments, the value of your property. The estimate takes into account a comparison and market study. The first consists of the agent accessing the national reference file of all transactions carried out in France. Market research, on the other hand, is an in-depth analysis of the local market. The objective is to obtain a realistic vision of real estate at the time of the study.

Why choose us?

Whether professional or personal, different reasons motivate an individual to decide to sell their property. I

Broadcast on different channels

You now have an idea of the likely sale price of your property. The documents necessary for the transfer are also ready. The real estate agency can place it on the sales market. To do this, it must deploy a personalized communication strategy.

Designing the sales ad

The professional first designs the real estate ad to be broadcast. His experience and knowledge of the sector allow him to produce a unique ad that will reach potential buyers.

Broadcast Ad

The distribution channels are then identified so that the ad reaches the right targets. They vary, for example, depending on the nature of the property, whether it is vacant or occupied.

Check the solvency of a buyer.

As soon as communication is deployed around the property for sale, potential buyers begin to come forward. They make a series of visits to verify the information presented in the advertisements.

Carrying out real estate diagnostics

It is a set of technical checks carried out before a property is put up for sale in France. They are carried out by certified professionals who have regulated and supervised missions. They write reports at the end of their field visit.


Entrusting the sale of your property to an agency means benefiting from professional, fast and reliable services. You sell your house or apartment at the right price while respecting the regulations in this area.

Specific to condominium buildings.

Once the agency has made the estimate, it will send you the result by email or post. Most real estate agents accompany the valuation of the property with a list of documents necessary for the sale. To this end, there are common documents for all types of real estate. However, certain parts are specific to condominium buildings.

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Provides a personalized and professional service

In the real estate industry, offering individualized and competent service is the secret to attracting and keeping clients. Set high customer service standards and ensure all team members are trained to provide exceptional service. Listen to your customers' needs, respond quickly to their queries, and communicate clearly and transparently.

Professionalism and ethics

Act professionally in all your client interactions and adhere to high ethical standards. This will build a solid reputation and gain the trust of your customers.